The best solution laser system
for spinal surgery

2,100nm Ho:YAG Laser


  • Holinwon holmium laser is easy and safe to use.
    It offers a variety of treatment options for spine, general surgery
    and is characterized by delivering 30 watts to tissue with shallowing depth
    of penetration for preventing iatrogenic injury.
    Considering its key feature, Holinwon is best suited in multiple operating in a variety of areas.

  • What is Holmium Laser

    Holmium laser is highty absorbed in water and in biological tissue.
    The laser energy is converted into heat with a depth of the tissue of approximately 0.4mm and thus it is suitable for precise incision and tissue vaporization.

  • Why Holmium?

    Holinwon Holmium laser ablates soft tissue such as disk material and hard tissue such as osteophytes.
    Therefore, the low penetraction of the holmium laser makes it the ideal instrument for the laser spine surgery.

  • Procedure


Small incisions and minimal scar tissue formation
Less cutting and less damage to healthy tissues
Decreased blood loss
Decreased pain and reduced need for pain medication
Quicker recovery and faster return to regular activities
Allowing patient to go home the same day
Decreased risk of postoperative infection


Laser-assisted spinal endoscopy
Laser lumbar disc decompression
Soft tissue removal
All soft tissue open and endoscopic procedures


Irradiation type Holmium Laser
Wavelength 2,100nm
Energy per Pulse 0.1~3J (0.1 step)
Power Max.30w
Pulse Duration Up to 600㎲
Repetition Rate 2~15Hz(1Hz step)
Guide Beam 5mW @ 532nm
Electrical 220V,50/60Hz, 5kVA, 20A, Single Phase
Cooling Air Cooling System
Dimension 370(W) x 714(D) x 894(H)mm
Wight 75kg