Perfect solution for
spinal treatment

Diode Laser


The Spine is one of the best solution laser system for Spinal surgery with fiber.

With 1470nm of wavelength, 15W of the maximum output energy is optimized to minimal invasive procedure.

It is effective for reinforcement, especially for collagen remodeling or disc organ.


High effect for precise incision

Laser knife as same as the thickness of hair, which penetrates into small and narrow nerve holes under endoscope

High effect for blocking pain

the blocking of pain nerves to be spread out in rear annulus fibrosus

High effect of shrinkage

the shrinkage of expanded disc

Effect for reinforcement

Convenient and Effective Skin Care

Effect for hemostasis



Treatment of Spinal disk disorder


Project Title
LD Product Line
Electrical Requirements
220Vac, 60Hz, 1kVA

Angiomatosis Treatment

Output Power
Max. 15W
Pulse type
CW mode, Pulse mode
Repetition rate
0.5~10Hz (pulse mode)
10.4 inch Touch LCD (LED Type)
MP3 px-x-layer / Buzzer
Embedded Linux 2.6
Cooling System
Air-Cooling System

원텍(주) | 대표자 : 김종원, 김정현

사업자등록번호 : 4968801552(대전), 4758502155(판교)

의료기기판매신고번호 : 제 2005-3670022-00005호 | 통신사업자번호 : 대전 2005-00031호

대전본사 : 대전광역시 유성구 테크노8로 64

판교지사 : 경기도 성남시 분당구 대왕판교로 712번길 22, 판교테크노밸리 글로벌 R&D센터 연구 B동 3층