Fast way to treat Cancer

Surgical Diode Laser


PDT D662 is very innovative device for Photodynamic Therapy(PDT),

based on the wavelength of 662nm.


Effective Diode Laser for Cancer treatment with 662nm wavelength
PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) will leads you more safe procedure with fast recovery time.


Cancer Treatment
PDT(Photo Dynamic Therapy)


1. Indicator

User is able to check whether laser irradiates or not through this part.

2. Compact Design

Compact size enables to move the device without a cart and use wherever user want

3. 6.4 inch Screen

User-Friendly interface with 6.4 inch LED monitor High Efficiency

4. High Efficiency Cooling System

Designated for maintaining a stable output by utilizing semiconductor cooling system and

maintaining a consistent temperature of laser module for long term usage.

5. Real Time Output Monitoring

Guarantees a stable output by controlling real time output through Input energy meter.

6. Safety System

It provides Tips to solve the Problem with alarm, when the device has problem.


Irradiation Type
Diode Laser
Maximum Energy
Pulse Duration
50 ~ 999ms
Repetition Rate
0.1 ~ 9.9Hz